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jackson & april + purple


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Alex Pettyfer and Vanessa Hudgens catch up in LA - August 22, 2014

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The HSM-Cast are doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

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Jen and Colin Filming - August 12/19 - (x)(x)(x)

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Hadn’t seen this one yet :)

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The world finds ways to sting you, and then one day decides to bring you something to believe in.

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21/ pics of my favorite people.
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VIDEO: Colin accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and nominates Josh Dallas, Sean Maguire and Michael Raymond-James

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Christian Trevelyan Grey: “Oh, Fuck the paperwork

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zac and vanessa and the rest of the crew were walking down oxford street it was pretty cold, so they had hats on and big coats. they were all linking arms zac and van were linked by themselves no one noticed them coz of there big coats they were wearing.

anyway i saw them, and i kinda stalked them. who wouldnt? anyway they went into the disney store, wich has a life size version of sharpays golf cart! and the gang were like looking around, by this time i had caught zan holding hands while looking at the ‘troyella’ dolls rather cute, they then went to go sit down on this couchy thing with a tv behind it while zac and vanessa were swapping ‘kuuipo’ rings they were playing around with them then zac put his arm around v to keep her warm (even though they were inside) they then saw fans come in (including myself who was hiding) and he quickly took his arm off her, however as they were signing stuff they kept giving eachother small glances just like at the HMV signing, they were also playing footsies.

anywho i got my ’ ilove troy’ t shirt signed and vanessa went to me ’ hey i like that shirt’ i laughed and zac blushed, in the end zac kept whispering sweet nothings in her ear mega cute, ( i got a photo of one!) anyway as they came out of the shop they got in separate limo-y type cars the cast (only lucas, olesya and monique) got in one car and Zac and Vanessa got in another mega cute. And that was the night they went to go see billy elliot.

there were a lot more things, but i cant type them all but that gives u an idea.
well the other bits were normal couple-y stuff but one other bit, which my sis just reminded me off is that vanessa had buried her head into the crook of zacs neck and one point and gently kissed it, i diodnt see this, but according to my sis she did so idk, but still cute huh

—Fan encounter, London (2007?)
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